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broadway arts &  dance academy
dates: May 16, 2022 - May 21, 2022
Tips for a successful dance portrait day:
  1. Come camera ready with hair / makeup already done, fingernails clean and free of polish (make sure there’s no lingering        rub-on tattoos).                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Remember, this is your shoot, for your memories.  Unless the owner/teacher specifies a certain look for the group shot, you can wear your hair/makeup how you want. 
  2. Check in and Sign up at receptionist desk as soon as you get there.  We shoot first come first serve.  PARENT MUST BE THERE TO SIGN IN AND PAY FOR THE PORTRAITS.
  3. Once you sign up,  bring your child  to class. IMPORTANT to sign up first.  We shoot first come first serve. 
  4. We want everyone included in the group shots.  There is not charge to participate in the group shots.  Although we take the group shots for the owners of the dance studio, you will have the opportunity to purchase these photos. 
  5. Parents allowed in room for individual portraits, but not for group shots. please no entourages.  
  6. How to get the best smiles out of your children?   TAKE A TON OF PHOTOS OF YOUR KID!  The more the merrier!                           That’s how you get a child comfortable in front of a camera. We always can tell when a child has a camera happy parent. 
Forms of payment:
We take cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and checks payable to: J Young. 
We offer these Sibling Shot options:
Sibling Shot #1:
$45.  This includes 7-8 images in total of children for individual costume shoot PLUS 3-4 photos of them together. (Altogether 10-12 images in the package) 
Sibling Shot #2:
$90.  This includes 7-8 images of each child for their individual costume shoot PLUS 3-5 photos of them together. (Altogether 17-22 images in the package)
What you get for your $45...
We shoot 7-9 images per student/per costume.  Included is Full bodied shots, Action shots, Close-ups and Three quarter shots.  If you have a specialty that you want to capture, just let us know and we would love to shoot that too!                                                               4-6 weeks after the shoot you will receive, via your email, a link to your portraits you have purchased.  All the images we shot that day will be included.  This link will allow you to download all images to your computer, share with your friends and family and print off the photo share site if you choose.  
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