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Stylized Graduation Portraits
share who YOU are as you head into your future...

Graduation is an important milestone and achievement
- it is one of the most memorable times of your life.
Your Graduation Portrait should be a reflection of who you are.

3 looks:       $225
5+ looks:       $325
each additional look.  +$100

Includes digital proof page with
sharing & download access
of all images
Makeup artist: : $125
(Paid to artist on day of shoot)

- all Covid safety procedures in place - 


what defines a “look”: 
A “look” is defined by a clothing change.  Adding or removing a jacket, layer or accessory can be done in the same look.  Janice will, on occasion, shoot more than one outfit for a look.  If she offers, its free.

Keep it simple and age appropriate.  Solid colored shirts are best. Wear shirts in colors that compliment your skin, hair and eyes. Layering can be great also so bring those extra sweaters, vests and jackets that you love.  Textures are always a good choice. Simple, solid colors, without distracting prints or logos, work best. Black is ok too.  Simple necklines that don’t distract from your face.  Limit buttons and frills.  Bring in a comfortable pair of jeans or black pants.  Wear clothes that make you feel confident and happy. Please make sure clothes are clean, stain-free and freshly ironed.

makeup for women:
Please wear your makeup as you do when you go out to a dinner or job interview

Natural, neutral makeup is recommended. Avoid heavy makeup! During finishing of your selected images, we will take care of blemishes and other 'artifacts' on your skin during the basic retouch process. Heavy makeup tends to look caked up. 

Skin Features: Do not hide your skin's personality! Flaunt your freckles. Don't cover your moles. They are a part of what makes you unique. Unique features are what makes others sit up and take notice. Of course, if the day of the shoot you are sporting a monstrous zit, use some light makeup, but we'll magically heal it! Generally speaking, unusual attractive features are an asset. 

makeup for men:
A very light coat of powder will help even out your skin tones. Otherwise, use make-up very sparingly. Unless you are going for the stubble look, be sure to shave before arriving at the studio! 

makeup artist are an option:
If you know that you would feel more comfortable with a professional hair and makeup artist, I work with some great people who I'd be happy to schedule for you (remember, the day is all about you feeling comfortable) but note that an outside makeup artist will cost $125 on top of your session fee payable to the artist on the day of the shoot.  Well worth the cost in my opinion but solely up to you!  Our makeup artist take Venmo, Cash or Checks only.

Please have hair clean and dry.  Style it as if you are going out to dinner or having a job interview.

As for location, our fully-equipped and centrally-located studio allows for photography both inside and outdoors.   All photos are shot in natural light with full studio lighting available if needed.  Although we prefer to shoot natural lighting, our clients often point out the value of having both options.  
We can discuss if you prefer to do a 
location shoot at the school, mountains or beach areas.

Free parking in the rear of the building is readily available and there is plenty of street parking.

before your photo shoot:
Make sure you are getting full night’s sleep for the 3 days before your shoot. Drink tons of water the days before your shoot.   Be relaxed so that this is an enjoyable day.

Above all, give yourself enough time. We suggest it will take from 1 1/2 to 2 hours for your session and our experience bears this out.
If you are rushed, it will show in the results. If you know you'll be rushed, call in advance to reschedule your appointment. We'd much rather do it right the first time. 

day of your photo shoot:
When you arrive at our studio, we will review what we will accomplish during your sitting and sign the necessary releases. All clients are required to sign a client release, and minor clients must be accompanied by a legal guardian who will monitor the sitting and sign the release. Payment is due in full at the end of your session. We take most forms of payment: Venmo, Credit Cards, Cash and Personal checks are accepted. 

Bring your favorite water to stay hydrated.  Bring your clothing choices cleaned, ironed and on hangers.  

after your photo shoot:
About 5-7 days after the shoot, you will receive an email containing a private link to your  gallery of proofs, which our clients love because they can view the images anywhere and at any time. Additionally, the link can easily be shared to your friends, family or anyone who you might want to share with.   All images are numbered.  Unlike many studios, we release your full-sized, high-resolution images with NO watermark. That means you get the original, super big images. You paid for your images, you OWN the masters. No games here. No upsell. 

From there your Portrait fee includes 3 Photo Enhancements (additional retouching is $25/image). You do not want too much Photoshop work done, because the Portrait should look like you.  So, the enhancements are just enough to add that extra zing, but not too much to detract from who you are. It's important to note though that retouching is only performed to the degree that it enhances the image so that the final print looks like the subject.

archiving your images:
Yes, we do archive your images. But you should download and save your session, as ultimately, the client bears the sole responsibility for backing up, archiving, and maintaining the integrity of the files.   6 months after your shoot date, the  image gallery will be removed off of the private online gallery link.

tagging your images on social media:
Yes. Please. Much appreciated.  Most, if not all, of my clients come straight from word of mouth.  Please spread the love.
When posting on Social Media, please tag @photographybyjaniceyoung on Instagram and Facebook


holding fee: 
A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to complete your scheduled appointment. You will receive a PayPal invoice within 10 minutes of booking your session. If you fail to pay your deposit within 24 hours, your spot will not be secured and will be offered to other potential clients. The remainder of the session fee is due the day of the shoot.

balance due: 
Your balance is due at the end of your shoot. We take cash, checks, Venmo and most Credit cards. 

weather rescheduling: 
On rare super-dark rainy days, we might have to reschedule. While we appreciate how long clients wait to shoot with us, we can't control the weather and don't want to compromise the quality of your images. If we have to cancel for weather related issues, we'll reschedule you as quickly as possible. 

late arrivals:
If you're late for your shoot, this will result in less shoot time and fewer images/looks as we may have a client coming after you. If you're over 45 minutes late, this is considered a cancellation and will result in the forfeiture of your holding fee. There are NO exceptions to this rule.  But who would be 45 minutes late to their photo shoot? 

cancellation policy:
Cancellations made 3-7 Business days before your shoot: Your deposit may only be transferred to a new shoot day.
Cancellations made under 3 business days before your scheduled appointment time: Your deposit will be forfeited.  A new deposit is required to re-book.

If the voices in your head tell you not to show up, or you cancel without calling, you will forfeit your holding fee/deposit.

re-shoots & refunds: 
Photographs are artistic creations. Interpretation of artistic creations is extremely subjective. Because of this, there are NO re-shoots or refunds for any reasons other than technical issues/malfunctions. There are NO exceptions to this rule. But don’t worry, we get it right the first time.

COVID safety protocols:
Janice is fully vaccinated but we take the health and safety of our clients very seriously. Therefore, we are following all CDC regulations to keep our studio and clients healthy. Our studio space is a very large open indoor/outdoor space with a lot of air flow and natural light flowing through. We do ask that if you are not feeling well or are experiencing flu-like symptoms, please rest and reschedule to ensure the safety of everyone, we will do the same. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us, we are here to help during this uncertain time.
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