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individualized photo shoots
out in the wild.
la art walls
A individualized day of creating together on the streets of LA !
I'll take you to your choice of 4 LA Art Walls where we will create fun and whimsy and become part of the art.  
4 Look day of fun.  
rate: $450
neighborhood streets
Let me show you my neighborhood
I'll take you to some of my favorite street sights to shoot, from the Orange Wall to the Red Barn to the Rusted out Steel Door.
4 Look day of fun.
rate: $450
by the sea,
      by the sea,
by the beautiful sea!
Everything is better by the sea shore!
So many great spots to choose from!  Laguna Coves to the Santa Monica Pier and everywhere in between... you can't pick a bad spot to shoot when the ocean is your backdrop!  
4 Look day of fun
locations to choose from...
or  you share with me your ideas... 
let's go explore and create together!
Lets make some instagram worthy Magic!!!
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